I've been interested in film for as long as I can remember. Back when I was young I had my mother help me make costumes and backdrops to recreate my favorite movies, and it only got worse from there. I started editing in elementary school, making trailers for films that I thought sounded neat, writing scripts and drawing characters that I wanted to create. Anything film related, I had my hands in. So, it's really been amazing to be able to work in the area that I have loved the longest. 

Six year old me messing with my  first camera. (Above)

Little did I know I was going to find myself behind a camera frequently. 

Production Design

The production design aspect of filmmaking as always been something that captivates me. On many of my recent sets I've found myself working in the art department and finding was to create the craziest things possible. Problem solving and creativity are the main aspects of production design, which is why I love it so much. I've also found myself becoming more comfortable with special effects makeup, and I look forward to working with it further.  

Editing and Visual Effects

I've been editing videos since I was in elementary school, and have jumped from program to program as I progressed. I currently edit with Adobe software including Premiere Pro and After Effects. I grew up editing short trailers as well as small edits where I worked with different types of transitions and effects. In high school I worked on the school news doing animated graphics and titles for different segments. Overall my love for editing has always been strong. I try to edit whenever I can, and cannot wait for future opportunities to arise where I can continue my passion.